Important Updates

April 2022

We are now open and running again we have started to fill the calendar for this year and hope to see you all at the side of the lake soon, If you haven’t renewed your membership please come see us.

Let’s start this year off with lots of good sailing again.

March 2020

We would like to make you aware of the procedure that is now in place due to the Coronavirus. Due to ‘social distancing’ members should be aware of maintaining a distance of three feet or one metre from other people. Stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing a lot, please do not shake hands or hug and wash hands regularly. Be mindful of not touching inappropriately on surfaces in shared facilities.
Please be aware of people who are at higher risk and please use the pictures provided to help assess if you’re not feeling well. At this time, we recommend to disperse large gatherings at the boating lake and if you still wish to use the lake use the guidelines provided. If you think you may have Coronavirus, please call 111 or visit .

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April 2020

members, due to the lockdown. We are requesting that you do not gather at the boating lake until the quarantine period is over. We are great full for your cooperation during this time, as your health and the health of others, is paramount. Our events have temporarily been canceled as well. Once the lockdown has been raised, it will be easier to re-assess the situation. Stay safe, stay inside. Kind regards Grantham Model Boat Club