About Us

Welcome to Grantham Model Boat Club.

We are a new club, formed in 2018. Following the demise of the Grantham and District Model Boat Club several years ago, in 2017 South Kesteven District Council, sought volunteers to restart the club to augment the refurbishment of the facilities at Wyndham Park, Grantham, including the original outdoor swimming pool which had housed the former club prior to it starting to leak! A small team of four volunteers met on many occasions, and one of the first decisions was not to resurrect the ‘old’ club, but to create a new one, hence the name change., with new rules and a new constitution.

Our first public event was in September 2019, where potential new members were asked to complete a form showing their interest in becoming involved in the new club. Such was the response that the steering committee decided to press forward with formalizing the creation of the club, and in October the inaugural meeting was held and the subscription book opened.

The first year has seen the club membership to grow to nearly 60 members, with two open events, a submarine day in August and an anniversary sail in September.

The next year will see us hosting more open events, and club competitions as well as events where the public will be encouraged to participate and perhaps take up the hobby!

The Club is very much family and young member orientated, and every effort is made by members to answer the many questions put to them by park visitors, particularly on Sunday afternoon and many members will let those interested ‘have a go’ at no charge.

The boating lake is under the control of the council, but the Club has an agreement with them that, on Wednesday afternoons a section of the lake is cordoned off to allow the Council’s pay boats to operate without hindering club boats, but on Sundays, the lake is exclusively for the use of the Club. The only exception to this is if there is a public event organized in the park and the council wish to make their payboats available for hire when the lake will be cordoned off as on a Wednesday.

Club subscriptions are set at a very reasonable £20 per year, including insurance, with reductions for families and under 18’s.